Big Howdy Tour

Google Maps Journey

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  1. Meeting Place
    Arrive by 8:30am...Arrive by 8:30am to get a name tag, meet with students, befriend them and invite them to ride with you. Take roughly 3-5 students so that you can get to know them. As soon as you have your students you can leave.
  2. Sundance Square
    Leave UTA by 9:15am...The Sundance Square parking lot is north of 4 th street on Jones. I suggest you park there and get out for 20-30 minutes to walk around. One interesting place to visit is the Old Firehouse No. One - 150 Years of Ft. Worth History - corner of Commerce & 2nd Street. It is free, located close to the parking garage (parking garage is free also).
  3. Water Gardens
    Walk from Sundance Square south...Water Gardens is a short walk from Sundance Square and is just north of W. Lancaster, if you walk south on Commerce you will find it.
  4. Stockyards
    Arrive at 11:10am and...Free parking across from Cardon's Mexican Restaurant. There is a free museum in the Stock Exchange building. At 11:30 there is a cattle drive, make sure you're outside on E. Exchange. And then 11:45am there is Gun Fight ouside the candy store, don't miss it!
  5. Lunch is NOW at Grace Community Church
    Lunch is at 12:30pm at Grace Community Church...Because of the weather we are having lunch at GCC, the address is 801 W Bardin Rd.
  6. Back to UTA
    Come get coffee at the Cornerstone or visit a QT on the way back to UTA...The Cornerstone will be open and serving coffee, this would be a great way of getting the students plugged into community. QT is a great day to day American cultural experience for international students.

Tour Information

This year our tour is Monday, September 3rd, from 8:40 AM until about 3 PM. 

Thank you so much for volunteering to help with the Big Howdy Tour. This is a fantastic opportunity to welcome so many international students to the DFW area and to Christianity in general. We ask you to fit a few students with you in your car as you befriend them, get to know them, and explore Fort Worth a little bit with them.

Also you are welcome to use the method Pastor Gary, often uses. FORMS. It may help you direct the conversation and have topics to talk about.