Big Howdy Tour

Google Maps Journey

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  1. Meeting Place
    Arrive by 8:30am...Arrive by 8:30am to get a name tag, meet with students, befriend them and invite them to ride with you. Take roughly 3-5 students so that you can get to know them. As soon as you have your students you can leave.
  2. Sundance Square
    Leave UTA by 9:15am...The Sundance Square parking lot is north of 4 th street on Jones. I suggest you park there and get out for 20-30 minutes to walk around. Use the restroom before leaving the stockyards.
  3. Water Gardens
    South from Sundance Square south...Water Gardens is close to Sundance Square and is just north of W. Lancaster, if you drive south on Commerce you will find it.
  4. Stockyards
    Arrive at 11:10am and...Free parking across from Cardon's Mexican Restaurant. There is a free museum in the Stock Exchange building. At 11:30 there is a cattle drive, make sure you're outside on E. Exchange. And then 11:45am there is Gun Fight ouside the candy store, don't miss it!
  5. Trinity Park
    Use the restroom before arriving at the park. Lunch is at 12:30pm at Trinity Park...Enter Trinity Park directly across from the Botanic Gardens and turn left. Follow along the riverside (on your right). We'll have lunch in the park together... usually we find a good spott just west of the corner of Trinity Park Dr. and Trinity Park Ct. (just after the railroad tracks)
  6. Back to UTA
    Come get coffee at the Cornerstone or visit a QT on the way back to UTA...The Cornerstone will be open and serving coffee, this would be a great way of getting the students plugged into community. QT is a great day to day American cultural experience for international students.

Tour Information

This year our tour is Monday, September 2nd, from 8:40 AM until about 3 PM. 

Thank you so much for volunteering to help with the Big Howdy Tour. This is a fantastic opportunity to welcome so many international students to the DFW area and to Christianity in general. We ask you to fit a few students with you in your car as you befriend them, get to know them, and explore Fort Worth a little bit with them.

Also you are welcome to use the method Pastor Gary, often uses. FORMS. It may help you direct the conversation and have topics to talk about.